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About Yukon YUKON provides time tracking, location tracking, job dispatch and messaging system for mobile and dispersed enterprises.

It offers a powerful new Operational Business Intelligence tool to enterprises looking for managing human resources productively.
Yukon allows real time visibility of the workforce. 

Jobs allocation is based on location and tracked in real time. Overtime and late running jobs are visible to the management as they happen. Job scheduling, overtime management and job related reporting is inbuilt.

Manual paper based time sheets and job reporting is automated. This brings in transparency and efficiency in day-to-day operations.
For mobile enterprises Yukon is an indispensable tool.
Service Overview

Yukon is a web and GPS cell phone-based system. Yukon supports organizations with one or more departments and each department head can manage and control activities through their login independent of other departments.

Yukon allows managers to allocate and dispatch jobs, send broadcast messages or individual messages, make recorded voice calls and do job scheduling.

Field staff can clock in/out from their cell phones. Each cell phone action happens in real time.

Job tracking is flexible and jobs can be started, paused, terminated or completed.

All reports are time and location stamped.  Managers can set jobs to be started at a specific location where required.

Each department has a central v-mail, where field employees can leave a message. All voice messages are accessible to the department head via the web interface.

There is also a proxy function for the manager to complete a user action where the user has lost his phone or due to any other technical issues.

A rich set of reports provides insight into the daily operation. 

Data can be exported in CSV format to other systems.

Feature Summary & Benefits

Electronic Time Cards Each clock in/out captures location and time. No paper forms to fill. No overtime disputes.
Job Management Location tracking allows, dispatching jobs based on location. Where jobs are scheduled, the system can enforce location check on each job. Job history based on job, client, location or employee can be created.
Messaging Short data messages between the management and field staff keep a data trail and cut down on un-necessary voice communication. Important management communication has to be acknowledged by field staff and this ensures that the messages have been read.
Employee Efficiency By knowing what to do, where to go, whom to ask Yukon keeps the field employee in sync with the head office
Visibility The management at all times is aware of where everyone is, what are they doing, where things are running late, and what issues are being reported.
Analytics Analysis of daily operational data from Yukon can help companies pin point problems with job scheduling, sites, travel times, over times and processes.

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